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Overall Rating
Great place to live

Highcrest Townhomes is a great place to live. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Highcrest is located in a peaceful and beautiful neighborhood!

Angelita 4/19/2017
Great Staff at Highcrest

The people here at High crest are great. The are friendly polite, considerate and very helpful, including the office administration staff and the maintenance crew. My AC did not work, it was 95 degrees that day and in 3 hours came and fixed the problem the very same day. I had another issue with a leaking sink, the maintenance crew came in, replace the sink and garbage disposal in recorded time (in an hour) and never had a problem with it since. There entire staff here is courteous kind and have a great team, which really makes living here a plus. I give them a rating of 5 stars out of 5. Thank you staff at High crest, happy 4th of July. Sincerely, Dr. Peter N.

Peter N. 7/1/2017
most warm greeting ever

I was in need of a place asap move to Arizona on 6/1/2017 back to Illinois on 7/1/2017 due to personal issue i want to 5 place in one day. But when i arrived at Highcrest Townhome i was greet with the most warm greeting ever.I sat down with Michael example what i was looking for in how soon i want to move.We look at two place in i told him il thank about it in il be back.Will it don't stop there than Sylvia came in ask if she can help right away i told her what i want and why she look over the area in found me what i need it. Make a long story short it took them only one week in i move in my place in im very grateful. Thanks to all of them Michael, Sylvia,and Melissa they work as a team. God Bless u guys keep up the good work.

Lawanda 7/19/2017
Excellent Staff

I've lived here at the Townhomes at Highcrest for approximately 18 months. I recently resigned my least because of the wonderful staff here. From the Sylvia and Alyssa in the leasing office as well as the maintenance Manager Shawn, I've always had my issues and concerns addressed in a timely manner. They are always very professional and friendly. I can't thank them enough for their hard work and dedication!

Jay M 8/3/2017
Great Staff

As a long time resident, I must say The Staff at Highcrest is the best. From the maintenance Team(a shout out to Sean and Jason these guys are always pleasant and willing to give excellent service. Jason is fairly new to the team, but he is one of the best. Sean is a leader of the Team and He works wonders). The Office staff ( Sylvia, Alyssa and Michael) is there to insure the residents needs are met and that the property is secure and beautiful. What a team!!!

Harold B. 9/7/2017
Awesome Maintenance Manager

I would like give Mr Shawn a compliment I appreciate his work ethic. At Highcrest Townhome there have been some incidents and crisis situation he will not leave work until its complete and safe for tenant that have to live here. Mr Shawn is very knowledgeable and experience and complete all task at request or emergency. Mr Shawn is very professional and courtesy friendly. I trust him in my home always respectful. The office team is great and please keep Mr Shawn!:)

Latoya 9/21/2017
Best Townhomes.

I stayed with my family for almost 2years at Highcrest Townhomes,it’s an lovely property and well maintained. The staff over there is really very helpful,the maintenance team is really good at their work, once your complain is registered they come immediately to resolve your issue and get the work done ASAP. The property manager Sylvia and Alyssa are always there to solve your queries,very enthusiastic and good event planners specially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Would like to thank the entire staff for making our stay memorable and pleasant at the property. Like to recommend this place for future residents. Dipti Inamdar.

Dipti I. 3/25/2018